How Long Does Weed Remain in Your System?

How long does weed remain in your system is probably one of the most asked questions by individuals who smoke weed. Surprisingly, weed can stay in a human body for a long time. For instance, weed can stay in chronic users' system for several weeks. However, knowing the exact time frame is challenging. This is because some factors determine how long weed stays in a user's body. Some of these factors include frequency of use, dosage, weight, exercise, metabolism and test sensitivity as well as testing method. Click here to read more about this.

When it comes to the testing method, the time frame may vary depending on whether the test is looking for THC levels or its metabolites in the users' system. Although THC has many metabolites, the most important metabolite is known as THC-COOH which is produced in the liver as a result of another metabolite known as 11-OH-THC. Since THC-COOH is an inactive metabolite which stays longer in some body tissues more than THC, it becomes the only metabolite that doctors use to test for weed. Click here for more info.

In this regard, studies have provided some educated estimates as to how long weed can stay in a consumer's body. Below is how long you can expect to test positive for the drug once the doctor uses the saliva, urine, and blood testing method.

Saliva Test
Whether you smoke, vape or eat weed, THC and its metabolites can stay in saliva for a specified period of time. This is because THC combines with cannabinoid receptors present in your salivary glands. Apart from being highly sensitive, the saliva test is one of the fastest methods of testing the presence of weed in a consumer's body since the results can take a few minutes to arrive. And that is why traffic officers use it. Active THC can stay up to 4 or 6 hours in the saliva. But THC metabolites can disappear from saliva within 24 hours after consuming weed. However, chronic users' test may test positive even after 72 hours.

Blood Test
Once you vape, smoke or inhale weed, it enters the bloodstream faster than when you eat it. THC enters in the lungs and the alveoli almost immediately after you consume it. But when you eat it, it first passes the digestive tract and slowly enters the blood. For that reason, a blood test can detect active THC as well as its metabolites. A one-off user may test positive between 12 to 24 hours after consumption. But for heavier users, cannabis compounds can stay up to seven days.

Urine Test
The urine test is the most commonly used drug test that looks for THC-COOH. For irregular uses, the detection time for THC-COOH is around two days. For the metabolite levels to fall to untraceable amounts in chronic users, it can take even 100 days. This is due to the long storage time of THC in fatty tissues.