How Long are Marijuana Effects Traceable in Your Urine?

At the federal level, marijuana is illegal to use. And when a user is not anticipating a cannabis test by a law enforceable officer, they may be facing one on the orders of their employer. Therefore, marijuana users are justified in their inquiry into just how long weed effects or traces stay in their system. An even more specific issue is: how long does THC remain in a user's urine? Visit this site to get started.

It's accurate to state that there are no traces of psychoactive THC in a weed user's urine. When urine samples are taken for drug screening, the test is actually looking for THC-COOH, rather than THC. So, a urine test may not show that a user is under the impairment of weed, but it may indicate that they at least did use the drug at some point earlier.

There are average detection windows (and not specific dates) for urine samples from people that have used marijuana previously. If you used just once, you may be clean in five to eight days after your last weed ingestion or smoking session. In case of two to four times per week, your urine will be clear off weed-use signs in 11-18 days. Click here for more info.

If you use marijuana 5-6 times per week, your urine samples may test positive for the substance 33-48 days later. On the other hand, daily marijuana consumption is detectable via urine tests 50-65 days later. In some extreme cases, there may be traces THC-COOH in a user's urine samples 77 days afterward!

However, it's good to note that people are not the same in terms of their body systems and how these respond to the consumption of pretty much anything consumable, from food to drugs. This is very important to urine tests because these look for a substance that's tied to metabolism rates and functions, which differ from person to person. As such, systems with slower metabolism rates take longer before marijuana components can be eliminated, such as through urine. This means that the urine sample of an individual with a slower metabolism rate may have traces of detectable THC-COOH at a later date than another person who takes the same dosage of weed at the same frequency.

It helps to know yourself and how weed works for you. Even the psychoactive compound in weed, THC, won't affect different people the same way. The good thing is that you can always schedule your sessions such that the risk of getting caught is lower.
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